Little Bay

DISCOVER LITTLE BAY Little Bay Vacation Rentals Located a few miles south of the Ten Bay community and just north of Savannah Sound, Little Bay is a small, but growing vacation community that still has many parcels of affordable land for sale. Most of the properties are built high up on a cliff giving them outstanding unobstructed ocean views especially of the sunset. There is one small beach that is well protected by the shoreline with a view of one cay in the distance. This cay can be reached by kayak and is a good spot for snorkeling and diving. Nearby Kemp's Creek is also a good snorkel spot. Travelers choose Little Bay for it's exquisi... Read more

Spanish Wells

DISCOVER SPANISH WELLS Spanish Wells Vacation Rentals Spanish Wells and Russell Island are two quaint tropical Out Islands that are just west of the northern tip of Eleuthera. Spanish Wells is reached via a water taxi at Gene's Bay dock in Eleuthera where visitors can rent a golf cart to get about the island and go to Russell Island, too. Visitors to Spanish Wells generally fly into the North Eleuthera Airport (ELH) where they can take a 30 minute taxi ride to the dock where they pick up the water taxi. It's a short 5 minute boat ride to the government dock in Spanish Wells where vacationers disembark. Compared to Eleuthera, Spanish Wells, a fishing village, i... Read more

Gaulding Cay

DISCOVER GAULDING CAY Gaulding Cay Vacation Rentals Located a few miles south of the Glass Window Bridge and on the northern tip of Gregory Town, Gaulding Cay is a small vacation community nestled against one of the most popular Caribbean side beaches that bears the same known. There are several beachfront homes and that's about it! Across the street from the dirt access road that leads to the community you will find Daddy Joe's Bar and Grill and a souvenir shop. Gaulding Cay, while technically part of Gregory Town, is about 3 miles north of the center of the settlement and 5 miles south of Upper Bogue. Travelers choose Ga... Read more

Rock Sound

DISCOVER ROCK SOUND Rock Sound  Vacation Rentals Rock Sound has its own international airport (RSD) with flights arriving several times a day from Nassau (NAS) making it very convenient for travelers. Besides the airport, Rock Sound has several advantages compared to other settlements on the island. First, it has one of the best and largest grocery stores on the island. Believe it or not, this is a huge advantage especially for tourists who will often drive 20 miles or more just to have the variety and selection that you can only find at the Rock Sound Marketplace. Second, other than Governor's Harbour, no other settlement has as many dining... Read more

Rainbow Bay

DISCOVER RAINBOW BAY Rainbow Bay Vacation Rentals Located towards the north end of the island between the settlements of James Cistern and Alice Town/Hatchet Bay, Rainbow Bay bridges both sides of the island and is a relaxed, residential community with private homes that generally have sweeping ocean views over the elevated Atlantic shore coastline or direct water access on the ironshore of the western side of the island. It has good beaches on both sides of the island plus excellent proximity to Governor's Harbour Airport (GHB) and the natural attractions north of Rainbow Bay. The Cliffs, a Bahamian heritage site located within the community, offers ... Read more

Winding Bay

DISCOVER WINDING BAY BEACH Winding Bay  Vacation Rentals Located just one mile south of Tarpum Bay and a mere six miles north of Rock Sound International Airport (RSD), Winding Bay is a small residential community set around one of the most protected bays on the Atlantic side of the island. This makes it an ideal spot to vacation because the water inside the bay is generally quite calm even when strong winds blow from the east. This allows you to play, swim, kayak and paddleboard in the water without having to contend with the dangerous waves and violent rage that can occur on unprotected coastline. Since Winding Bay is close to the two larger settle... Read more

North Palmetto Point

DISCOVER NORTH PALMETTO POINT North Palmetto Point Vacation Rentals Located five miles south of Governor's Harbour and four miles north of Savannah Sound, North Palmetto Point, located on the eastern or Atlantic side of the island, is a very active and populous residential community by Eleuthera standard. It has a lot of commerce including restaurants, several well stocked small markets, churches, gas stations, bars, and several really good take-aways along with many other local businesses that are frequented by the owners of the numerous vacation rentals in this area. The coastline is home to several really nice long beaches from Between the Rocks... Read more

South Palmetto Point

DISCOVER SOUTH PALMETTO POINT South Palmetto Point  Vacation Rentals Located five miles south of Governor's Harbour and four miles north of Savannah Sound, South Palmetto Point, located on the western or Caribbean side of the island, is a very laid back residential community boasting two long beaches. It is home to Mate and Jen's Pizzeria Restaurant and a few other local businesses. There are also quite a few businesses and shops located on Queen's Highway between the two settlements of North Palmetto and South Palmetto including a market, two gas stations, 3J's Take-away and a few other businesses. North Palmetto Point, on the opposite side of Qu... Read more

Double Bay

DISCOVER GORGEOUS DOUBLE BAY BEACH Double  Bay Beach Vacation Rentals Located towards the middle of the island and only seven miles from the capital of Eleuthera, Governor's Harbour, Double Bay Beach on the Atlantic side has your name written all over it especially if you would enjoy a largely deserted 2 mile long stretch of sand that you can walk to your heart's content. Because all the homes are private and the only public access is at it's extreme southern end, the only folks you'll run into on your strolls are other renters or owners. The beach is long and straight for the most part with just one rocky section as the beach turns generally towards the ... Read more

Gregory Town

DISCOVER GREGORY TOWN Gregory Town  Vacation Rentals Located about halfway between North Eleuthera Airport (ELH) and Governor’s Harbour Airport (GHB), Gregory Town is one of the larger settlements on Eleuthera in terms of population. It is probably best known as the home of the annual June Pineapple Festival, a raucous celebration in honor of one of the most delicious homegrown fruits on the island. The settlement is considered the pineapple capital of The Bahamas due to its history of producing the tastiest pineapples in the country if not the world. The surrounding area is comprised of rolling hills and rocky cliffs with outstand... Read more

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