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Located towards the middle of the island and only seven miles from the capital of Eleuthera, Governor's Harbour, Double Bay Beach on the Atlantic side has your name written all over it especially if you would enjoy a largely deserted 2 mile long stretch of sand that you can walk to your heart's content. Because all the homes are private and the only public access is at it's extreme southern end, the only folks you'll run into on your strolls are other renters or owners. The beach is long and straight for the most part with just one rocky section as the beach turns generally towards the north. When the conditions are calm the water entry is easy with sand so soft you might think that it's powdered sugar. Good snorkeling can be found along the rock ledges on the south end of the beach and there is even an old shipwreck or two that you can look for. Shade is provided by tall palm trees, but you'll probably want to have an umbrella with you on this beach especially if you want to dip your toes into the ocean.

You'll also have access to several other quality beaches if the weather kicks up a bit. Ten Bay Beach, Savannah Sound Beach, Between the Rocks, Poponi and Papaw Bay are just a short drive from Double Bay. One of the best qualities of Double Bay Beach are the sunrises. Picture waking up early, grabbing a morning hot beverage and sitting on your deck as you watch the sun rise from the east and light up the whole island. It's truly magical!

Travelers who want a more upscale experience will love the houses on Double Bay as they tend to be larger with a lot of private acreage. You'll often have so much privacy that you think you're on your own island.

What Restaurants Are Near Double Bay Beach

Double Bay Beach is located centrally. The restaurants that are nearest are those in Governor's Harbour (7 miles north), Palmetto Point and the Bank's Road (~2 to 3 miles north) and Savannah Sound (2 miles south). The cuisines range from food trucks to take-away to traditional Bahamian to more modern American/Bahamian crossovers. Prices range from inexpensive to upscale. Below is a list of the nearby restaurants. Of course, if you are out sightseeing, or exploring some of the hidden beaches, then there are plenty of restaurants in settlements near those attractions.

What Is There To Do On Eleuthera

Beaches - Eleuthera is home to 135 pristine beaches most of which you will have completely to yourself. You could do nothing other than explore beaches for your entire vacation. Pack a picnic. Grab some beverages. Go beach hunting. Make sure to purchase The Beach Book, Eleuthera, Bahamas edition before your trip so you can plan ahead. This travel guide is not available on the island.

Natural Attractions - there are quite a few Bahamian heritage sites worth visiting. These include, in no particular order.

  1. Preacher's Cave
  2. Glass Window Bridge
  3. The Cow and Bull
  4. The Cliffs
  5. Hatchet Bay Cave
  6. Sapphire Hole
  7. Boiling Hole
  8. Ocean Hole
  9. Ten Bay Cave
  10. Gully Hole
  11. Current Cut
  12. Mal Flanders Castle
  13. Queen's Bath
  14. Cathedral Cave
  15. Haynes Library

Tours - consider taking a nature tour with one of the island tour guides. They can cater your tour specifically for your group. They offer a variety of land and sea options that include snorkeling (The Eleuthera Snorkel Book), deep sea fishing, scuba diving, scenic tours to the Schooner Cays, visits to pig island, spearfishing, paddle boarding, kayaking and much, much more.

Leon Levy Preserve - this 30-acre preserve has been designed as a research center for traditional bush medicine; a facility for the propagation of indigenous plants and trees; and an educational center focusing on the importance of native vegetation to the biodiversity of The Bahamas.

Day Trip to Harbour Island and Spanish Wells - consider exploring one or both of Eleuthera's two neighboring island to the north. Both are reached via water taxi. A golf cart can be rented at the dock so you can explore. They are both different and unique in their own way.

Lighthouse Beach - considered by many to be one of the best beaches in The World, Lighthouse Beach is at the southeastern tip of the island. A series of small beautiful cays form a set of giant steps leading out to sea from where the old lighthouse building still stands guard from its hilltop perch. Hike, relax, picnic, explore the natural ponds and visit the gap where two oceans collide.

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