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Spanish Wells and Russell Island are two quaint tropical Out Islands that are just west of the northern tip of Eleuthera. Spanish Wells is reached via a water taxi at Gene's Bay dock in Eleuthera where visitors can rent a golf cart to get about the island and go to Russell Island, too. Visitors to Spanish Wells generally fly into the North Eleuthera Airport (ELH) where they can take a 30 minute taxi ride to the dock where they pick up the water taxi. It's a short 5 minute boat ride to the government dock in Spanish Wells where vacationers disembark.

Compared to Eleuthera, Spanish Wells, a fishing village, is quiet, residential, almost sleepy! Activities are limited, but that is by choice. What vacationers mostly prefer to do is really have a lazy beach vacation where the days are filled with sitting about, reading, enjoying the beach and the calm water, and then either cooking in or going out. Repeat. Golf carts are the only form of transportation for visitors and it very easy to circumnavigate the both islands in a few hours making Spanish Wells a popular destination for day trippers from Eleuthera and Harbour Island who are seeking a bit of a change of pace. 

There is one large marina and boatyard. Spanish Wells is one of the few islands that are equipped to provide boat repairs and maintenance. There are approximately 30 slips in total and the marina has all the regular services that one would expect including water, electricity, showers and access to groceries.

The island has several nice restaurant choices, and they too are casual and laid back. There is one main grocery store that sells liquor, several gift shops and Papa Scoop's ice cream shop where folks wait in line to get their turn for the flavor of the day.

Spanish Wells has one main beach that runs along its northern shore. The water is shallow on this side of the island so snorkeling is limited. If you want an excursion to snorkel, dive, fish or swim with the wild pigs on Pig Island then it's best to reserve a tour guide.Travelers who prefer a simple, slow, self-catering kind of vacation fall in love with Spanish Wells immediately. You can always take an excursion to one of the other islands or with a tour guide if you want something more to do, otherwise lay back and take it easy on Spanish Wells.

What Restaurants Are On Spanish Wells

Wreckers is one of the most popular dining spots. Additionally, there are several snack shops that are open for take-away or outdoor dining. If you are seeking something more upscale then a trip over to Harbour Island for a special occasion might be in order otherwise cooking in is always a good option.

What Is There To Do On Spanish Wells

Beaches - There is on main beach on the island and if you cross over to Russell then there is another beach just to the right of the bridge. Both beaches are long with cool pink sand and shallow turquoise waters. The water stays shallow for a long way out. If you want to see a variety of beaches then just head back over to Eleuthera, rent a car for the day, and explore. Make sure to purchase The Beach Book, Eleuthera, Bahamas edition before your trip so you can plan ahead. This travel guide is not available on the Spanish Wells.

The Natural Attractions of Eleuthera  - there are quite a few Bahamian heritage sites on the main island that are worth visiting. The more northerly ones, which are easily reached by car from Three Island Dock are:

  1. Preacher's Cave
  2. Glass Window Bridge
  3. The Cow and Bull
  4. The Sapphire Hole
  5. The Cliffs

Tours - consider taking a guided tour with any of the operators on Spanish Wells. They can cater your tour specifically for your group. They offer a variety of sea options that include snorkeling, deep sea fishing, scuba diving, visits to pig island, spearfishing, paddle boarding, and kayaking.

Day Trip to Eleuthera - consider exploring the main island of Eleuthera, which can be reached by water taxi from Spanish Wells. You will want to arrange a car rental and have it left at the dock for you before hand.

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